Return conditions

Refunds cannot be made after the alleged deposit has been made at

A refund request will only be considered if it is requested within the first 24 (four) hours of the alleged transaction or within thirty (30) days if the User claims that another person (or a minor) had access to his / her User Account ...

We also reserve the right to refrain from any refund or reverse transaction until the User's identity has been properly established to ensure that any payment made to our benefit will be honored once the refund has been made. You agree to provide, in the event that we require, notarized identification or any other documents that identify you, in accordance with the applicable laws of your jurisdiction. If such a notarized or certified identification is not provided within five (5) days from the date of our request, then such a return or reverse transaction will not be made, the Player Account will be closed and you will lose all funds in your Game Account, such a decision must be final, binding and non-appealable.