Withdrawal policy

We do our best to provide the highest quality player experience.

For all your winnings in excess of € / $ / 10,000 (or another currency at the current rate), we reserve the right to withdraw this amount in limited installments up to € / $ / 10,000 each (depending on the currency of your bankroll) for one calendar month or the equivalent in US dollars if your bankroll is in a different currency.

Withdrawal policy dictates that players, in certain cases, verify their identity before withdrawing funds from their accounts. The verification process helps prevent potential online fraud.

Identity documents

Photo ID. A copy of this document is required to process your first withdrawal request. This could be a copy of your passport, driver's license, or other proof of your identity. To verify your identity, we require a photo of your identity document.
Credit / Debit Cards: Copies of the front and back of the credit / debit cards that you used to deposit into your gaming account. Before submitting a copy of your credit / debit card, please make sure it is easy to read so that we can verify your identity as soon as possible. For security reasons, cover the middle eight digits of the copy of the front of your card and the 3 digits of the security code on the copy of the back.
Proof of Addressing: For this purpose, you will send us a utility bill or credit card statement. This document should be recently received by you, and it should clearly show your full name and address that you provided when registering your game account. If you are going to use a credit card statement, you should cover the middle 8 digits of your card for security.
Notarized Documents: Your documents must be certified with the signature and stamp of an authorized notary / legal advisor to prove the legality of the documents you provide.
Attention! In some cases, depending on the method of payment that you used to make a deposit, you may be offered one or more of the above or other documents not included in this list of documents.

The choice of payment methods for your funds directly depends on how much and in what ways you made your deposits earlier.

In some cases, identification or some additional documents may be required to process a withdrawal request. We may also ask you to sign a list of previous deposits that have been made to your account at.

Where verification of your play is required to fulfill your withdrawal request, we will refund your withdrawal funds back to your bankroll until this verification is completed. To help us verify your account before we cancel your withdrawal request and refund your withdrawal money back to your bankroll. ...

If the currency of withdrawal requests differs from deposits, then the current exchange rate will be used to process these requests, as agreed with the daily commercial rates offered by banks and credit card companies on the day the request is processed. The services we offer are to provide special exchange rates. At the end of the processing of requests for withdrawal of funds, the player will be notified of his transaction and the amount in the calculated currency and the transfer of his bankroll.

Attention! If your credit / debit cards are lost, stolen or canceled, or your email status changes. wallet, we ask you to inform us immediately so that we can check the status of your cards / email. wallet and make sure you can receive payments.

We reserve the right to delay and stop processing withdrawal requests pending final approval of any pending deposit transaction.

Bonuses can be withdrawn only if all requirements of the Bonus Policy are met.

Should our business be restricted in any given country, we will be forced to charge reasonable fees for the transactions performed.

Withdrawal policy:

In accordance with the Player's withdrawal policy, the withdrawal of funds is paid automatically and directly through the payment methods that the Player uses to make deposits to his account in an amount not exceeding the amount of the Player's transactions.

In the event that you cancel a withdrawal request, you are solely responsible for the bet placed on that amount. The company does not offer any kind of reimbursement obligation.